Co-housing and Eco-villages

Overview Community developments are often more cost-effective than individual developments and allow for shared use of space and resources. This is economically, socially and medically beneficial. Co-housing and eco-villages are similar in that they both address issues of affordability, ecological impact and community building. So what is the difference? There is a great article that defines co-housing here. You can read […]

Councils should be granted funds for completed building floor space

Overview The Productivity Commission has also identified the significant financial pressures on councils.  We need to focus on changes to the existing system rather than divert our attention to creating a new, elaborate funding system or a new government housing agency, as suggested in this article. We need to make a simpler and more effective change that incentivises […]

Helping councils will help solve the housing affordability crisis in New Zealand

Our current RMA (Resource Management Act, 1991) and LGA (Local Government Act, 2002) mix just does not work.  It is not facilitating improved housing conditions (as discussed in this article),  or even infrastructure maintenance as suggested here.   Housing needs have changed, and our system needs to change too.  The Government will argue that they are doing it […]